How often do you distribute donations to recipients?


Democracy Engine follows your instructions (as the donor) in when we distribute funds.

Generally, you want your donations to get to your supported candidates or organizations as quickly as possible, and so we distribute funds weekly (to ensure that our political recipients are in compliance with all campaign finance laws) or monthly. Our weekly distributions cover a period from 12am on Monday to 11:59:59pm on Sunday ET (some slight variations with donations made between midnight and 3am ET will occur due to the different time zones in which servers exist), while our monthly distributions cover a period from 12am on the 1st of the month to 11:59:59pm on the last day of the month ET (as with weekly checks, some slight variations occur).

For those receiving a check, we cut checks on Monday and they generally arrive on Thursday or Friday for weekly checks and a few days into the new month for monthly checks. There are no fees to receive monthly checks, but weekly checks carry a fee of $2/check (this fee is waived for campaign entities required by law to receive funds weekly).

For those receiving funds via ACH direct deposit, we initiate those transfers on Wednesdays and funds deposited in your account on Thursday. There are no fees to receive weekly deposits via ACH.