About us.

Democracy Engine offers a suite of fundraising tools to empower donors to support the organizations and issues they care about at any level, in any party, in any state.

Our Mission.

Democracy Engine is a flexible, completely self-contained donation platform. With a suite of simple and effective online tools, we provide a solution for anyone who donates to candidates, organizations, committees, or causes, particularly more than one at a time.

Democracy Engine is the most inclusive platform in the industry—donors have the freedom to contribute to organizations, candidates, and causes at any level, from individual donations in local races to multi-candidate contributions in national campaigns. Democracy Engine is a nonpartisan entity, so you can donate regardless of political affiliation.

Donors using Democracy Engine have access to a toolkit of unparalleled flexibility. Our universal platform ensures that donors won’t have to change fundraising systems as they shift focus between state, local and national elections. Democracy Engine also integrates seamlessly with established data management systems, so you will not be bothered by recipients needing your information (they can just download it from us). Because the platform has been written with campaign finance regulations in mind, it allows donors to focus on contributing to the candidates and causes they support.

Our users receive the benefits of both cutting-edge technology and an experienced legal team, which together act as a reliable and time-tested partner in managing the constantly changing world of campaign finance. Between its versatility and its basis in campaign finance expertise, Democracy Engine makes every donation more effective.

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