How Donations Work.

Democracy Engine’s functionality is based on a sophisticated understanding of the array of regulations that govern nonprofits, charitable giving, and campaign finance to make sure that contributions are collected and disbursed in accordance with all legal requirements. Our tools are built around flexibility, and are designed to work smoothly at the highest and lowest levels of government, for small-dollar individual donations or bundled contributions in national campaigns, and from premade donation pages to custom workflows built with our robust API.

“Flexible. Simple. Smart. Secure. Donation processing the way it should be.”

Credit Card and E-Check Processing.

Democracy Engine works directly with First Data—the payment technology solutions company responsible for the overwhelming majority of American credit card transactions—to ensure the most stable and secure end-to-end process available. We also work with Amalgamated Bank to quickly process e-checks.

APIs for Complex Systems.

While we offer simple hosted pages out of the box, what makes Democracy Engine unique is our robust transactional API, which enables our clients to build their own front-end user experiences exactly the way they need without compromising security. See our latest API documentation here.

Distribution of funds.

Democracy Engine distributes funds via check and ACH (direct deposit). All campaigns and political committees receive funds weekly (or more often if the law requires it). Charities and Nonprofits receive funds weekly via direct deposit or monthly via check. Democracy Engine is always happy to offer “out of cycle” electronic transfers (we can not offer out of cycle checks), but may ask the recipient to cover fees incurred by us with our bank for ACH or wire transfers.

Campaign finance.

Democracy Engine was built with campaign finance in mind. Each transaction we process captures all information required (such as employer and occupation and even employers address) by regulators and each distribution we make (direct deposit or check) has an associated data file available for download and easy upload to whatever compliance software you use. Democracy Engine eliminates the need to engage in time consuming reconciliation of website databases, daily merchant account deposits and bank accounts. Just upload the data file for each deposit you see in your bank account and you are done.

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