How Donations Work.

Democracy Engine’s functionality is based on a sophisticated understanding of the array of regulations that govern nonprofits, charitable giving, and campaign finance to make sure that contributions are collected and disbursed in accordance with all legal requirements. Our tools are built around flexibility, and are designed to work smoothly at the highest and lowest levels of government, especially for donations to recipients with whom you have no relationship or who might not yet exist (potential candidates for office).

“Flexible. Simple. Smart. Secure. Donation processing the way it should be.”

Credit Card and E-Check Processing.

Democracy Engine works with American Express, Discover, and several Visa/Mastercard member banks to ensure the most stable and secure end-to-end process available. We also work with Amalgamated Bank to quickly process e-checks.

Complex Donation Processing.

Giving away money has never been simpler and more complex. Democracy Engine makes it easy to give to any organization or candidate, or multiple organizations or candidates at once.

Distribution of funds.

We know it is important for you to know your money is getting where you want it to go (even if you don't know how to get it there yourself). Democracy Engine distributes funds via check and ACH (direct deposit). All campaigns and political committees receive funds weekly (or more often if the law requires it). Charities and Nonprofits receive funds weekly via direct deposit or monthly via check. And if you need your donation to get there more quickly, we will work with you to get your donation where you want it when you want it there.

Campaign finance.

We know that this is a major concern of donors. First, we work with our partners to ensure that you don't give more than legally allowed. Second, Democracy Engine was built with campaign finance in mind. Each transaction we process captures all information required (such as employer and occupation and even employers address) by regulators and each distribution we make (direct deposit or check) has an associated data file available for download and easy upload to whatever compliance software your intended recipient might use. You'll never receive another one of those annoying "we need to collect this data to accept your donation" letters ever again.

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