Our team.

Jonathan Zucker, CEO

Jonathan Zucker is one of the most innovative minds in political technology, and is the pioneering force behind Democracy Engine.

Before forming Democracy Engine, Jonathan was the executive director for ActBlue—the nation’s largest source of funds for Democrats—and transformed the organization into a fundraising powerhouse with more than $87 million raised.

Jonathan has served as national director of operations for finance at the Democratic National Committee, where he presided over the DNC’s record-breaking $100 million major donor program in 2004, and at a wide variety of progressive and Democratic organizations as a field organizer, fundraiser, administrator, and attorney, including the Interfaith Alliance, Human Rights Campaign, Gill Foundation, and the Democratic Leadership Council.

Jonathan earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Yale University and a law degree from Georgetown University.

Erik Pennebaker, Chief Compliance Officer and SysAdmin

Erik Pennebaker leads Democracy Engine’s system architecture and PCI-DSS compliance efforts.

Erik’s unparalleled knowledge of Web-based fundraising systems and understanding of complex data management for bundling operations made him a pioneering member Hillary Clinton’s groundbreaking campaigns for Senate and the presidency. During the 2008 election cycle, the system he created for then-Senator Clinton was the online heart of her more than $221 million fundraising effort.

Erik has been a pioneer of online fundraising for over a decade, providing Web-based fundraising support for Senator John Kerry’s 2004 presidential bid, developing donation infrastructure throughout the 2006 Senate campaigns, and overseeing Senator Kerry’s multi-million dollar bundling operation for various Democratic candidates.

Erik earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign’s College of Engineering. Currently, he offers a variety of online fundraising services and technical support through his Wet Gecko Project to clients ranging from grassroots organizations to former Vice President Al Gore.